Spring 2017

At the end of 2016 I returned to PRIO after four months as a visiting professor at the UNU-MERIT United Nations University in Maastricht. I will keep working with my Maastricht colleague Elaine McGregor on an ambitious attempt at bibliometric mapping of migration studies. January was devoted almost entirely to the final preparation of a huge funding aplication for Horizon 2020, in which PRIO leads a consortium of migration researchers and policy experts in Europe and beyond. I will spend the rest of the spring primarily on analysis of data from our project Transnational Lives in the Welfare State (TRANSWEL). I will also finalize a special issue entitled Desires, Aspirations and the Drivers of Migration, co-edited with Francis Collins (University of Auckland). In February I will attend the IMISCOE Spring Conference and present a paper entitled Why an inclusivist definition of ‘migrants’ is sorely needed but effectively resisted, developing ideas from my blog post The end of migrants as we know them?. At the IMISCOE Annual Conference in June, I will take part in a roundtable on interactions of migrant transnationalism and integration, in which we take stock of research in the decade that has passed since Erik Snel and his collegues published their influential study on the topic. The last event on my schedule before the summer is the European Conference on African Studies, where I organize a panel entitled African migration imaginaries: rumours, cosmologies, representations.