Spring 2022

At the PRIO Migration Centre we are producing the first batch of PRIO Questions on Migration, a series of video-recorded conversations to be launched this summer. I am also learning more about video production by means of excellent courses at Domestika and Bring your own laptop. This is a small part of my work, but an inspiring one.

The spring is dominated by the survey component of Future Migration as Present Fact (FUMI), the ERC Consolidator project that I lead. We have carried out survey pilots in the three countries covered by the project – Ghana, The Gambia, and Cape Verde – and will collect data together with our local partners in mid-2022.

Together with colleagues in the the MIGNEX project I am starting the analysis of our amazingly the rich data on migration and development. We have survey data from 13 000 respondents and data from qualitative fieldwork in 26 local areas across ten countries. Some of the analyses will be purely quantitative, others purely qualitative, and yet others will combine both forms of data.

As a side project, I am writing now and then on an article about titles in academic writing. I have always enjoyed crafting titles, and over the past few years I have been writing about the process with the aim of being both analytical and useful.