Autumn 2021

At last, my first fieldwork since the start of Covid-19 will take place in September-October. I am going to Ghana to start the ethnographic fieldwork for my ERC Consolidator project Future Migration as Present Fact (FUMI) together with Tone Sommerfelt. We will do interviews and participant observation among young adults. Later in the year I hope to also start fieldwork in Cape Verde.

Together with colleagues in the the MIGNEX project I will start analysing our amazingly the rich data on migration and development. In a few months, we will have survey data from 13 000 respondents and data from qualitative fieldwork in 26 local areas across ten countries. Teams in the field have done an amazing job.

In October I’ll give a keynote at a virtual conference on mixed-methods research in migration studies. This challenge inspired two podcast episodes in August and a look back at how I’ve mixed methods in my own research.