Migration researchers on Twitter

twitter-bird-white-on-blueHere’s my list of migration researchers on Twitter – that is, people who do research on migration and share their ideas about it in English on Twitter. Many of them (myself included) tweet about other things as well, but I’ve restricted the list to people who will not flood your feed with chit-chat. (There are other migration-related twitter accounts too, such as research centres, journals, and NGOs, which are not included here.)

Below is an overview of members. Follow me, and you will be updated about new additions.

You’ll find the list with avatars and bios on Twitter. To the right is the Twitter feed from the list.

Leisy Abrego ‏ @AbregoLeisy
David Bartram ‏ @DVBartram
Alexander Betts ‏ @alexander_betts
Scott Blinder ‏ @ScottBlinder
Jørgen Carling ‏ @jorgencarling
Michael Clemens ‏ @m_clem
Michael Collyer ‏ @CollyerMC
Heaven Crawley ‏ @heavencrawley
Elizabeth Ferris ‏ @Beth_Ferris
Donna Gabaccia ‏ @drg1949
Ben Gidley ‏ @bengidley
Elzbieta Gozdziak ‏ @EGozdziak
Hein de Haas ‏ @heindehaas
Laura Hammond ‏ @lhammondsoas
Heidi Østbø Haugen ‏ @HeidiOHaugen
James Ingram ‏ @IngyIngram
Katy Long ‏ @mobilitymuse
Mirca Madianou ‏ @madianou
David McKenzie ‏ @dmckenzie001
Ceri Oeppen ‏ @Oeppen
Chris Parsons ‏ @ParsonsEcon
Nicola Phillips ‏ @phillipsnicola1
Heather Rolfe ‏ @Heather_Rolfe
Martin Ruhs ‏ @MartinRuhs
Nikola Sander ‏ @nikolasander
Peter Scholten ‏ @pwascholten
Nando Sigona ‏ @nandosigona
Ibrahim Sirkeci ‏ @isirkeci
Jon Sward ‏ @JonSward
Carlos Vargas-Silva ‏ @CVar_Sil
Helen Williams ‏ @drhmwilliams
Dean Yang ‏ @deanyang

Have I missed anyone — academics who do research on migration and tweet about it? Let me know in the comments field. Thanks!


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