My research addresses various aspects of migration and transnationalism, including migration theory, migration aspirations, migration policy, migrant smuggling, transnational families, transnational living, remittances, and the links between migration and development. Research at PRIO is in the form of externally financed projects, and these are the projects I currently work on (2018-2023):


MIGNEX is the largest-ever European-funded research project on migration, seeking new knowledge on migration, development and policy. It is carried out by a consortium of nine institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Read more on the project’s web site,


FUMI, short for Future Migration as Present Fact is funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant that allows me to address the following question: how does migration that has not yet taken place shape the lives of individuals and the development of societies?

Read more about FUMI on the PRIO web site.

Other projects

I am also involved in several other research projects, presented on my PRIO staff page.